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Viper Night Vision Goggles & Headgear

ATN® Viper Generation 1  are the most compact Night Vision Goggles in the Industry. This Hands Free high quality system provides you with True 1:1 magnification, extreme comfort and ease of operation. Manufactured by ATN night vision equipment, a world leader in night vision optics, the Viper is a cheap alternative to the more expensive night vision binoculars and comes complete with adjustable headgear. These recreational goggles are perfect for Hunters, Anglers, Paint-ballers, Security Personnel or any other night time activities
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There is Nothing Cheap About These Night Vision Goggles, Except the Price!

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Cheap Night Vision Goggles
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Ranging from inexpensive Goggles for recreational use, to Precision Engineered Goggles designed for Military/Government applications!
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Night Vision Goggles: How They Work

How do night vision goggles work?

Night Vision Devices are optical devices that allow the ability to see images in different levels of light approaching complete darkness. They were first used in World War II and came into high use during the Vietnam War. They are mostly used by the military and law enforcement, but are now available to civilians. Over the years night vision goggles have changed and evolved dramatically, bringing about several generations of the devices. Each generation increases in performance and price, with generation 1 being the  Cheapest Night Vision Goggles available to the every day consumer.

Night vision optics work because of ambient light from the moon and stars. Photons make up this light which then travels through a photocathode tube that turns them from photons to electrons. The ensuing electrons are then amplified to a larger number by a chemical and electrical process. The electrons then get thrown against a phosphorous screen that changes these amplified electrons to visible light that you can now view with your night vision device. The image is the green display you observe through the eye piece. Unfortunately night vision does not allow for colors and a green display is usually used because the human eye recognizes the color green at this wave length. Whether you have a pair of Cheap Night Vision Goggles or an Expensive pair, they all function the same way.

The generations spoke of earlier refer to the light intensifier tube, which is basically the back bone of the night vision device. A first generation device will amplify the light several thousand times. This is perfect for the every day consumer on a camping trip or out hunting. This generation makes it affordable to get a pair of Cheap Night Vision Goggles. As the generations go up, so does the price and the amplification of light.

All night vision systems need light to amplify. Luckily many of the devices now come equipped with an infra-red illuminator. This throws out a beam of infra-red light that is not seen by the naked eye, but is picked up by the night vision device giving you the ability to see in even complete darkness. Many of the cheap night vision goggles come equipped with this technology.

Generally the two things that will affect the distance that you can see with night vision  is the level of generation and the amount of light, meaning full moon, partial moon, just stars or clear skies. A first generation will probably be inexpensive Night Vision Goggles, while the other generations will be more expensive. Company. Copyright 2007 - 2008 header